With a network of 250+ southeast US agencies and 1700+ global agencies, Fox Casting knows how to get your next project cast as quickly, efficiently and effortlessly as possible. Take a look at some of our associates:


Audition Source Talent – Mobile
Barefoot Models & Talent – Mobile
Callisto Management – Huntsville AL
Rare Quality Models & Talent – Dothan
Real People Birmingham – Birmingham
Speedforce Enterprises – Huntsville AL


The Agency – Little Rock
Excel Models and Talent – Little Rock


FORD/Robert Black Agency – Scottsdale
South West Artist Group – Tucson



42 – Los Angeles
11:11 Entertainment – Culver City
111 Media – Los Angeles
2 AM Entertainment – Los Angeles
23 Management Group – Los Angeles
24/7 Management – Studio City
3 Arts Entertainment – Beverly Hills
323 Talent Management – Glendale
33 and West – Los Angeles
3GM – Sherman Oaks
44 West Entertainment – Beverly Hills
5J Management – Los Angeles
831 Entertainment – Burbank
90210 Talent Agency – Encino
A List Agency – West Hollywood
A List Talent Management – North Hollywood
A Management Company – Studio City
A.D.S. Management – Los Angeles
A&R Management – Glendale
A10 Talent Management – Canoga Park
A3 Artists Agency – Los Angeles
Aaron Kogan Management – Los Angeles
Abrams Entertainment – Los Angeles
Abraxas Talent – Studio City
Abstract Talent Agency – Van Nuys
ACM Talent – Beverly Hills
Across the Board – Sherman Oaks
Activists Artists Management – West Hollywood
Activity – Studio City
Actors Without Borders – Los Angeles
Acuity Artists – Beverly Hills
Ad Astra Management – Santa Barbara
Advanced Management – Los Angeles
AE Talent Management – Los Angeles
Affinity Artists Agency – Los Angeles
Affirmative Entertainment & Prod – Hollywood
After Eden Management – Valencia
Agency for the Performing Arts – Los Angeles
AIM Entertainment – Los Angeles
Aitken Artists Talent – Los Angeles
AKA Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Alan Siegel Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Alchemy Entertainment – Los Angeles
Alexander Artists Group – Los Angeles
Alexander’s Talent Management – Valley Village
Aligned Entertainment – Santa Monica
Aligned Talent Group – Los Angeles
All American Rascals Talent Agency – Lakewood
Allagash Entertainment – Hollywood
Allegory Creative Talent – Sherman Oaks
Allen Edelman Management – West Hollywood
Almond Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Almost Famous Talent Management – Los Angeles
Alta Global Media – Los Angeles
Altamero Management – Los Angeles
Alvarado Rey Agency – Hollywood
Amber Management – N Hollywood
American Artists Group Management – Sherman Oaks
Amsel Eisenstadt Frazier & Hinojosa – Los Angeles
Anchor Talent Mgmt – Sherman Oaks
Andrea Simon Entertainment – Encino
Andrew Freedman Personal Management – Marina Del Rey
Andrews Talent Management – Stevenson Ranch
Andy Corren Management – Woodland Hills
Angel City Talent – Los Angeles
Anonymous Content – Culver City
Anthem Entertainment – Los Angeles
Aperture Entertainment – West Hollywood
Aperture Talent – Beverly Hills
Apex Talent Group – Woodland Hills
Apollo Management – West Hollywood
April Mills Entertainment – Burbank
Aqua Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Arc Talent Management – Los Angeles
Archetype – Los Angeles
Arlene Thornton & Assoc – Studio City
Arlook Group – Beverly Hills
Armada Partners – Los Angeles
Art/Work Entertainment – Los Angeles
Art2perform – Los Angeles
Artist & Brand Management – Los Angeles
Artist International Group – Beverly Hills
Artistic Endeavors – Manhattan Beach
Artistic Fortune Entertainment – Burbank
Artistic Talent – Valley Village
Artists & Representatives – Los Angeles
Artists First – Beverly Hills
Artists United Agency – Los Angeles
Arts and Letters Entertainment – Los Angeles
AS Management – Beverly Hills
ASAP Talent Agency – Valencia
Asian Cinema Entertainment – Los Angeles
Aspire Talent Management – Santa Monica
Associated Artists Management – Riverside
Aston Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
aTa Management – Los Angeles
Atlas Artists – Los Angeles
ATN Entertainment – Hollywood
Attentive! – Hollywood
Au Courant Entertainment – Los Angeles
Authentic Talent & Literary Mgmt – Culver City
Avail Artist Management – Northridge
Avail Talent – Whittier
Avalon Artists Group – Los Angeles
Avalon Management – Beverly Hills
Avant Artists – Woodland Hills
Axis – Northridge
Ayers Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Backer Productions – Santa Monica
Baier/Kleinman Intl – Los Angeles
Ballistic Film & Talent – Los Angeles
BAM Management – Los Angeles
Bamboo Management – Marina Del Rey
Baron Entertainment – Sherman Oaks
Barrett Company – Los Angeles
Barry Katz Entertainment – Los Angeles
Bartlett-Carter Talent Management – West Hills
Battle Entertainment – West Hollywood
BBA Theatrical – Burbank
The Beddingfield Company – Sherman Oaks
Bedford Artists Management – North Hollywood
Bell Hall Talent – Encino
Bensky Entertainment – Sherman Oaks
Berwick & Kovacik – Los Angeles
Beth Stein & Assoc – Venice
Bette Smith Management – Los Angeles
Betwixt Talent Management – Venice
BiCoastal Talent & Literary Agency – Burbank
Big Dreams Talent – Los Angeles
Big Picture Artists – Los Angeles
Billy Miller Management – West Hollywood
Binder & Associates – Beverly Hills
Black Apple Talent – Santa Monica
Blain & Associates – Beverly Hills
Blair Management – Sherman Oaks
Bleecker Street Entertainment – North Hollywood
Bleu – Los Angeles
Bloc – Los Angeles
Blue Stone Entertainment – Los Angeles
Bluefish Talent – Los Angeles
BMG Models & Talent – Los Angeles
BMK-ENT – Los Angeles
Bohemia Group – Los Angeles
Bold Management & Productions – Los Angeles
Bold MP – Los Angeles
Bottle Rocket Management – Santa Monica
Bowery Artists – Los Angeles
Brady, Brannon & Rich Talent – Los Angeles
Brave Artists Management – Studio City
Braverman/Bloom Company – Valencia
Bresler Kelly & Associates – Los Angeles
BrickHouse Talent – Tarzana
Bridges Entertainment – Burbank
Bright Spark Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Brilliant Talent Management – Calabasas
Brillstein Entertainment Partners – Beverly Hills
Brio Entertainment – Los Angeles
British American Talent – Los Angeles
Brogan Agency – Venice
Bromfield Entertainment – Inglewood
Brook Forest Entertainment – Woodland Hills
Brooks Talent Management – Burbank
BRS/Gage Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Buchanan Management – Los Angeles
Buchwald – Los Angeles
Burke Management – Beverly Hills
Burn Entertainment – Beverly Hills
The Burstein Company – Pacific Palisades
Bx2 Entertainment – Los Angeles
Bynum Artist Management – Los Angeles
C Talent – Los Angeles
CA Talent – Beverly Hills
Cabrera Talent Company – Sherman Oaks
Cadre Entertainment – Los Angeles
Calliope West Artist Management – Burbank
Camp Far West – Los Angeles
Candu Management – Beverly Hills
Canopy Media Partners – Los Angeles
Capstone Talent Management – Pasadena
Career Artist Management – Los Angeles
Carrie Macy Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
The Carry Company – Los Angeles
The Cartel – Hollywood
Catalyst Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Category 5 Entertainment – Santa Monica
Cavaleri & Associates – Burbank
Cavalry Media – Los Angeles
Caviar Entertainment – Bel Air
CelebWorx – Sherman Oaks
Central Artists – Burbank
Century City Talent Mgmt – Century City
CGEM Talent Management – Los Angeles
Chamber 37 Entertainment – Los Angeles
Charlton Blackburne Management – Los Angeles
Cheryl Sabato Management – Thousand Oaks
CHQ Talent Management – Los Angeles
Chris Roe Management – Burbank
Church-Hugger Management – Sierra Madre
Cindy Krievins Management – Los Angeles
Cinterra Entertainment – Los Angeles
Circle of 10 Talent – Tustin
Circle of Confusion – Los Angeles
Circle Talent Associates – Santa Monica
CLA Partners – Los Angeles
CMA Entertainment – Reseda
Coast Creative Management – Playa Vista
Coast to Coast Talent Group – Los Angeles
Cognition –
Cohen Entertainment – Los Angeles
Cohesive Entertainment Group – Los Angeles
Cohn/Torgan Management – Sherman Oaks
Collab – Los Angeles
Colleen Cler Agency – Burbank
Commercial Talent – Studio City
Concrete Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Connect Entertainment Group – Calabasas
Corner Booth Entertainment – Los Angeles
Cornerstone Talent Management – Encino
Coronel Group – Los Angeles
Corsa Agency – Los Angeles
Costanzo Management – West Hollywood
Covington International – Chatsworth
CR Management & Media – Malibu
Craig Wyckoff & Assoc – Van Nuys
Creative Artists Agency – Los Angeles
Creative Artists Talent Management – Los Angeles
Creative Image Management – Los Angeles
Creative Partners Group – Los Angeles
Creative Room – Los Angeles
Creative Talent Group – Los Angeles
Credence Talent – Studio City
Crimson Media Group – Hollywood
Crown North Talent Management – Brentwood
CSP Management – Los Angeles
CTA Theatrical – Studio City
Cul ti vate Management – Burbank
Cultivate Entertainment Partners – Los Angeles
Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty – Los Angeles
Curtis Talent Management – Beverly Hills
Cutler Management – Los Angeles
CVA Creative Ventures Agency – Los Angeles
Cylence Media Mgmt – West Hollywood
D.R. Entertainment – Los Angeles
D2 Management – Los Angeles
D2D Talents – La Cresenta
Dan Cotoia Talent – Los Angeles
Daniel Hoff Agency – Los Angeles
Danis Panaro Nist Talent – Beverly Hills
Dapper Bird Entertainment – Burbank
Darlene Kaplan Entertainment – Encino
Darris Hatch Management – Los Angeles
David Dean Management – Sherman Oaks
David Moss & Associates – Los Angeles
David Shapira & Associates – Beverly Hills
David Williams Management – Beverly Hills
Day 7 Talent Agency – Los Angeles
DBA Talent – Toluca Lake
DC Talent Management – Valencia
DDO Artists Agency – North Hollywood
De Passe Jones Entertainment – Los Angeles
Dean Panaro Talent – North Hollywood
Debra Manners Talent Management – Los Angeles
Defining Artists Agency – West Hollywood
Definition Entertainment – Los Angeles
Deja’ Star Productions – Toluca Lake
Denison Global Entertainment – Los Angeles
dePasse Jones Entertainment – Los Angeles
DePaz Management – Los Angeles
DG2 Management – Los Angeles
DiGi Talent Management – Studio City
Dino May Management – Hollywood
Direct Management Group – Los Angeles
DiSante-Frank & Company – Toluca Lake
Discover Management – Studio City
Domain Talent – Los Angeles
Doss Talent – North Hollywood
Douglas Management Group – Beverly Hills
Dramatic Artists Agency – Burbank
Dream Talent Management – Studio City
DreamScope Entertainment – Valencia
DTLA Entertainment Group – Los Angeles
DWE Talent – Los Angeles
E Cubed Management – Los Angeles
E85 Artist Managment – Burbank
East Group Agency – Van Nuys
East West Artists – Los Angeles
Echo Lake Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Eclipse Management & Entertainment – Los Angeles
Egg Hunt Entertainment – Los Angeles
Eileen O’Farrell PM – Valley Village
EJC Management – Hollywood
El Centro Management – Beverly Hills
Electra Star Management – West Hollywood
Element Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Eleni Larchanidou Management – Glendale
elev8 – Beverly Hills
Elevate Entertainment – Los Angeles
Elixir Entertainment – Los Angeles
Elkins Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Ellen Meyer Management – Beverly Hills
Ellis Talent Group – Valley Village
Emagine Content – Beverly Hills
Embrace Real Artists – Sherman Oaks
Emerald Talent Group – Burbank
Emerge Management – Beverly Hills
Emery Entertainment – Los Angeles
Empowered Artist – Long Beach
Encompass Arts – Los Angeles
Endorse Management Group – Los Angeles
Energy Talent Management – Sherman Oaks
Engage Artists Agency – Los Angeles
Enigma Entertainment – Los Angeles
Entertainment Lab – Los Angeles
Envoy Entertainment – Los Angeles
Envy Model & Talent – Beverly Hills
Epix Entertainment Talent Management – Newhall
Equitable Stewardship for Artists – Los Angeles
Era Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Ergo Talent & Associates – Burbank
Eris Talent Agency – Sherman Oaks
ESI Network The – Los Angeles
Esprit Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Essential Talent Management – Los Angeles
Established Artists – Los Angeles
Etcetera and Company – Hollywood
Evolve Talent Management – Valencia
Exclusive Artists Mgmt – Los Angeles
Exponential Artists Group – Woodland Hills
EyeLAshout Entertainment – Los Angeles
FAB Focused Artists Branding – Los Angeles
Fast Track Management – Los Angeles
Ferrantino Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Fictional Entity – Los Angeles
Fictious – Encino
FilmEngine – Beverly Hills
Fils & Co. Management – Los Angeles
FireStarter Entertainment – Woodland Hills
Firestone Talent Management – Beverly Hills
Firm LA Model & Talent – Pasadena
First Access Entertainment – Los Angeles
First Class Talent Agency – Sherman Oaks
Flutie Entertainment – North Hollywood
Focused Artists – Los Angeles
FORM.B entertainment – Beverly Hills
Formation Entertainment – Burbank
Forster Entertainment – Los Angeles
Forward Entertainment – Los Angeles
Foundation Media Partners – Calabasas
Fourth Wall Management – Los Angeles
Fourward – Century City
Framework Entertainment – West Hollywood
Fred R. Price Literary Agency – Sherman Oaks
Freeze Frame Entertainment – Los Angeles
Frontline Management – Los Angeles
Full Circle Management – North Hollywood
Fullscreen Media – Los Angeles
Fusion Management – Beverly Hills
Gallagher Talent Mgmt – Los Angeles
Gallant Management – Santa Monica
Ganesha Entertainment – Los Angeles
The Garcia Companies – Los Angeles
Gartner Group Entertainment – Los Angeles
Gateway Management Company – Los Angeles
GEF Entertainment – Los Angeles
Gekis Ribera Management – Los Angeles
Gel Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Gem Entertainment Group – Beverly Hills
Gemstone Talent – Los Angeles
Genesis Artists Agency – Beverly Hills
Genuine Artists – Encino
Gersh Agency – Beverly Hills
Gilbertson Entertainment – Santa Monica
Gilchrist Management – Westlake Village
Gina Stoj Management – Los Angeles
Ginger McCartney Management – Petaluma
GL Management – Los Angeles
The Glick Agency – Santa Monica
Global Artists Agency – Los Angeles
Global One Management – Los Angeles
Gloverzone DL Pictures – Belmont
Go 2 Talent Agency – Burbank
Golden Artists Entertainment – Los Angeles
Golden Pineapple Management – Burbank
Good Fear Content – Los Angeles
Goodmanagement Entertainment – Los Angeles
The Gotham Group – West Hollywood
Grandview – Los Angeles
Grant Management – Santa Monica
Gray Angel Productions – Venice
Green & Green Talent Group – Los Angeles
The Green Room – Los Angeles
Greene & Associates Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Greenlight Management & Production – Beverly Hills
Greenlit Management – Santa Monica
Gregg Edwards Mgmt – Hollywood
Gregory David Mayo Talent – Toluca Lake
Griffin Talent – Los Angeles
GRP Talent Group – Santa Fe Springs
GS Entertainment – Los Angeles
GS Management Group – Los Angeles
GVA Talent Agency – Los Angeles
The Happen Agency – Burbank
Happy Haven Management – Sherman Oaks
Harriet Sterrnberg Management – Encino
Harris Management – Los Angeles
Hartman Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Haven Entertainment – Los Angeles
Hayes Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Henriksen Talent Management – Sherman Oaks
Hess Entertainment – Beverly Hills
HG5 Entertainment – Los Angeles
Hines & Hunt Entertainment – Burbank
Holly Shelton Mangement – Los Angeles
Hollywood Creative & Prod Mgmt – Beverly Hills
Hollywood Original Talent Mangement – Hollywood
Hollywood Talent Associates – La Jolla
Holt Management – Los Angeles
House of Pang – North Hollywood
The House of Representatives – Santa Monica
Howard Entertainment – Encino
Howard Green Entertainment – Los Angeles
HRI Talent Henderson Represents – Studio City
Hugger / Solo Management – Burbank
Huxley Entertainment Management – West Hollywood
Hyperion Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
Hyphenate Creative Management – W Hollywood
IBMG365 Talent Management – Encino
ICM Partners – Los Angeles
Ideal Talent Agency – Studio City
Ignite Talent Management – North Hollywood
Ilene Feldman Management – Sherman Oaks
Illumina Productions – North Hollywood
IM Management – Hollywood
Image Powerhouse – Los Angeles
Imagination Talent Group – Hollywood
Imagine Artist Management – Beverly Hills
Immersive Management – Los Angeles
Immortal Artists – West Hollywood
Impact Artists Group – Burbank
Imperium 7 Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Impression Entertainment – Los Angeles
Incensed Media – Westlake Village
Inclusion Management – Burbank
Inclusive Management and Production – Los Angeles
Independent Artist Entertainment – Hollywood
Independent Artists Media – Beverly Hills
Industry Entertainment – Los Angeles
Infinitum – Altadena
Infinity Entertainment – Brentwood
Infinity Motion Picture Group – Los Angeles
inMomentum Management – Sherman Oaks
Innovative Artists – Santa Monica
Inphenate – Beverly Hills
Insight Entertainment – Los Angeles
Inspire Entertainment – Los Angeles
Insurge-Ent – Palm Springs
Integral Artists – Los Angeles
Integrity Talent Agency – Burbank
Intellectual Property Group – Los Angeles
Interlink Management – Tarzana
International Artists PR & Talent Management – Los Angeles
International Idols Agency – Los Angeles
IO Sports & Entertainment –
Iris March Group – Pasadena
Irvin Gelb Management – Los Angeles
Ivy Artists Management – Burbank
Jackson Agency – Century City
Jackson Entertainment – Valencia
Jager Campbell Talent Agency – Glendale
Jago & Associates – Calistoga
Jamie Freed Management – Beverly Hills
Jamieson/Scot Mgmt – Studio City
Jana Luker Agency – Thousand Oaks
JC Robbins Management – Los Angeles
JDM – Malibu
JDS Management – Sherman Oaks
Jeff Goldberg Management – Beverly Hills
Jeff Sussman Management – Los Angeles
Jeffrey Leavitt Agency – Los Angeles
Jeffrey Loseff Management – North Hollywood
Jerico Management & Productions – Los Angeles
Jerry Pace Agency – Beverly Hills
JFW Mangement – Rancho Cucamonga
JKA Talent – Los Angeles
JLA Talent Agency – West Hollywood
Joel Stevens Entertainment Company – Glendale
John Carrabino Management – Los Angeles
John Crosby Management – Los Angeles
John McGalliard Management – El Segundo
John Sobanski Management – Los Angeles
Johnston Talent Agency – Glendale
Jordan Lee Talent – Los Angeles
Joseph Le Talent Agency – Burbank
Joy Fehily Management – Beverly Hills
JR Talent Group – Los Angeles
JS Represents – Los Angeles
JSA Talent Management – Los Angeles
Judy O Productions – Hollywood
Juliet Green Management – Beverly Hills
Justice & Ponder – Los Angeles
JVA – Costa Mesa
JVC Talent Agency – Studio City
Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Karen Forman Management – Calabasas
Kass Management – Los Angeles
Kate Linden Management – Los Angeles
Kathy Lymberopoulos Management – Los Angeles
Kathy McComb Management – Toluca Lake
Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin – Los Angeles
KD Talent – Los Angeles
Kelli Rollins Management – Los Angeles
Kepler Entertainment – Agoura Hills
Kerner Management Associates – Beverly Hills
Kerry Jones Management – Beverly Hills
Kevin Donahue Management – Los Angeles
KEY Talent Management – Los Angeles
Keyser Model & Talent Management – Laguna Woods
Kincaid Management – Los Angeles
Kings Highway Entertainment – Sherman Oaks
Kingvigor Talent Management & Productions – Beverly Hills
Kirsten Ames Management – Los Angeles
Kjar and Associates – Toluca Lake
Knight Light Entertainment – Toluca Lake
Knight Management – Studio City
Kohner Agency – Beverly Hills
Kontakto Entertainment – North Hollywood
Koopman Management – Pacific Palisades
Kraft-Engel Management – Los Angeles
Kramer Management – Los Angeles
Kravitz Company – West Hollywood
Kreativ Artists – Glendale
Krista Keller Talent Management – Los Angeles
KTM Artist Group – Los Angeles
Kurzweil Talent Management – West Hollywood
KW Entertainment – Burbank
Kyle Fritz Management – Los Angeles
L’il Angels Unlimited – Toluca Lake
LA Management – Burbank
LA Talent – Los Angeles
Labyrinth Talent Group – Marina Del Rey
Lady Moon Entertainment – Los Angeles
Landis-Simon Productions & Talent Management – Thousand Oaks
Landmark Artists Mangement – Burbank
Lane Management Group – Studio City
Lara Rosenstock Mgmt – West Hollywood
Larry Hummel Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Lassu – Huntington Beach
Laura Lichen Management – Granada Hills
Lazzo Management – West Hollywood
LB Talent Agency – Burbank
LBI Entertainment – Century City
Left Field Management – Los Angeles
Legend Management – Los Angeles
Leigh Brillstein Management – Sherman Oaks
Lemack & Company Management – San Marino
Leslie Allan-Rice Management – Los Angeles
Leverage Management – Santa Monica
The Levin Agency – Beverly Hills
Levin/Brown Management – Hollywood
Levine Management – Beverly Hills
Leviton Management – Venice
Levity Entertainment Group – Los Angeles
Lewk Management – Mission Viejo
LG Management – Sherman Oaks
Liberation Management – Los Angeles
Liberman Zerman Management – Los Angeles
Library Agency – Sherman Oaks
Lighthouse Entertainment – Culver City
Lighthouse Management & Media – Los Angeles
Linden Entertainment – Los Angeles
LINK Entertainment – Los Angeles
Liquid Studios Entertainment Group – Burbank
Liquid Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Literate Management/Productions – Los Angeles
Littman Talent Group – Malibu
LKE Management – Los Angeles
Loesch Artists Assoc – Sherman Oaks
Louise Spring Mgmt – Venice
LoveStone Talent – Los Angeles
LPM Talent and Entertainment – Los Angeles
Luber Roklin Entertainment – Los Angeles
LUCID Dream – Los Angeles
Luxe Talent Agency – San Diego
M88 – Los Angeles
The Machine – Encino
MACRO – Los Angeles
MadCatch Entertainment – Los Angeles
Magnolia Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Main Title Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Mainstay Entertainment – Beverly Hills
MAKE GOOD Content – Los Angeles
Making Stars Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
Malaky International – Beverly Hills
Malibu Artists Agency – Malibu
Malone Talent Mgmt – Los Angeles
Manage-ment – Los Angeles
Management 101 – Studio City
Management 360 – Los Angeles
Management Production Entertainment – West Hollywood
Manatt Phelps & Phillips – Los Angeles
Mania Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Marcia Hurwitz Management & Consulting – Los Angeles
Marcia Weissman Management – Beverly Hills
Mark Robert Management – Toluca Lake
The Marlene Agency – Los Angeles
Marnie Cooper Management – Studio City
Marque Entertainment Group – North Hollywood
Marv Dauer Management – Los Angeles
Mary Erickson Management – Glendale
Master Talent Agency – Sherman Oaks
Masterson Management – Glendale
Mathews Management – Santa Monica
Matt Sherman Management – Beverly Hills
Matt’s Marketing Services – Los Angeles
Mavrick Artists Agency – Beverly Hills
MB Talent Management – Glendale
MC Talent Management – Encino
McCaffrey Talent Management – Encino
McGowan-Rodriguez Management – West Hollywood
McGuffin Management – Santa Monica
McKeon-Myones Management – Burbank
me2management – San Gabriel
Media Artists Group – Los Angeles
Media Talent Group – West Hollywood
The Medina Company – Westwood
Megan Silverman Management – Los Angeles
Meghan Schumacher Management – Burbank
Merging Artists Management – Santa Monica
Meridian Talent Mgmt – Los Angeles
Metric Talent & Literary Management – Los Angeles
Metropolitan Talent Agency – Los Angeles
MGMT Artists – Los Angeles
MGMT Entertainment – West Hollywood
The Michael Abrams Group – Bel Air
Michael Einfeld Mgmt – Toluca Lake
Michael Forman Management – Beverly Hills
Michael Wallach Management – Los Angeles
Michael Yanni Management – Los Angeles
Michael Zanuck Agency – Los Angeles
Midnight Artists Management – Los Angeles
Midwest Talent Management – North Hollywood
Millennium Artists – Beverly Hills
Mills Kaplan Entertainment – Los Angeles
Minc Talent – Los Angeles
Mincks Talent Management – Huntington Beach
Miramar Talent Agency – Culver City
Mitch Clem Management – Hollywood
Mitchell & Associates Talent – Tarzana
Mitchell K Stubbs & Assoc – Culver City
MJB Talent Agency – Los Angeles
MKS&D Talent Management – Bel Air
MMV Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Modern Artists Entertainment – Los Angeles
Mogan Entertainment – Los Angeles
Momentum Film Productions – Los Angeles
Momentum Talent & Literary Agency – Beverly Hills
Monarch Management – Los Angeles
Monogram Management Group – Pasadena
Monroe Talent Management – Canyon Lake
Monster Talent Management – Los Angeles
Montreese Berry Talent – Tarzana
More Zap Production & Management – Los Angeles
More/Medavoy – Los Angeles
Morra, Brezner, Steinberg and Tenenbaum – Beverly Hills
Mortar Media – Los Angeles
Mosaic – Beverly Hills
The Movement Talent Agency – N Hollywood
Muse Management – Los Angeles
MVA Management – Beverly Hills
MVP Sports & Entertainment Management – Encino
Myrna Lieberman Management – Hollywood
Mystery Row Management – Los Angeles
Nancy Chaidez & Associates – Hollywood
Nancy Kremer Management – Studio City
National Talent – Malibu
Nava Artists – Los Angeles
NB Management – Los Angeles
NBS Entertainment – Los Angeles
Nelson Management – Studio City
Nemo Talent – Ojai
Neon Kite – Beverly Hills
New Beginnings Entertainment – Granada Hills
New Wave Entertainment – Burbank
Newman-Thomas Management – Beverly Hills
Next Level Entertainment – Hollywood
NEXT Management – Beverly Hills
Nichols Entertainment – San Fernando
Nicole Garcia Management – Malibu
Novo – Los Angeles
NTA Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Nu Talent – Los Angeles
NuCo Media Group – Los Angeles
NYLO Model and Talent Agency – Walnut Creek
O’Neill Talent Group – Burbank
Oakley Entertainment-Booth Management – Woodland Hills
Octagon Entertainment – Los Angeles
Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment – Los Angeles
Omnipop Talent Group – Toluca Lake
Omniquest Media – Los Angeles
On the Lot Talent Management – Los Angeles
One Entertainment – Santa Monica
OneWorld Model and Talent – Los Angeles
Optimism Entertainment – Manhattan Beach
Opus Entertainment – Los Angeles
Origin Talent – Studio City
Osbrink Talent Agency – Universal City
Our Brand – Canyon Country
P.M.T Print, Movies & Television – Sylmar
P+ Los Angeles – Gardena
Pacific Talent & Models – Manhattan Beach
Pakula/King & Associates – Los Angeles
Pallas Management Group – Valley Village
Paloma Model & Talent – Manhattan Beach
Panache Management – West Hollywood
Pantheon Talent – Los Angeles
Paradigm – Beverly Hills
The Park Agency – Burbank
Park Artists Group – North Hollywood
Park Noack Agency – Los Angeles
The Parmeter Group – Santa Monica
Patino Management Company – Toluca Lake
Patty Woo Management – Beverly Hills
Pearl Hanan Management – Los Angeles
Perlman Management Group – Valencia
Perspective Entertainment – Los Angeles
Peter Kallinteris Agency – Hollywood
Pierce Entertainment – Los Angeles
Pillar Entertainment Group – Studio City
Pink Hammer Entertainment – Burbank
Pinnacle Theatrical Talent – Los Angeles
Piper Kaniecki Management – Los Angeles
The Pitt Group – Los Angeles
Pittmobile Talent Agency – Hollywood
Players Talent Agency – Encino
Podwall Entertainment – Los Angeles
The Polygon Group – Sun Valley
Pop Arts Management – Sherman Oaks
Power Entertainment Group – Beverly Hills
Power Talent Group – Marina Del Rey
Powerline Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Premiere Talent Management and Production – Burbank
Prestige Talent Agency – Burbank
Prestigious Models – Fountain Valley
Priluck Company – Los Angeles
Primary Wave Entertainment – Los Angeles
Principal Entertainment – Los Angeles
Privilege Talent – Encino
Progressive Artists Agency – West Hollywood
Propel Management – Burbank
Protege Entertainment – Burbank
Pure Arts – Culver City
PureTalent Management – Toluca Lake
PWRFL Mgmt – Los Angeles
Q Model Management – Los Angeles
Q4 Entertainment – Northridge
Quibi – Los Angeles
Rafterman Media – Toluca Lake
Rage Models & Talent – Calabasas
Rain Management Group – Los Angeles
Randy James Management – Studio City
Range Media Partners – Los Angeles
Rank Artists Management – Burbank
Rascals Talent – Century City
Rawlins Company – Westlake Village
RC Talent Agency – Los Angeles
RDR Management – Los Angeles
Real Deal Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Realm Talent – Los Angeles
Rebecca Kitt & Associates – Los Angeles
Rebel Entertainment Partners – Los Angeles
REBO Talent Management – West Hollywood
Rectangle Entertainment – Los Angeles
Red Baron Management – Manhattan Beach
Redrock Entertainment – Burbank
Reel Talent Management – Laguna Beach
Reign Agency – Beverly Hills
Reload Management – Glendale
Renaissance Literary & Talent – Beverly Hills
Resolution Talent & Literary Agency – Los Angeles
Revenant Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Rex Talent Management – Valley Village
Ribisi Entertainment – Los Angeles
Richard Konigsberg Management – Los Angeles
Richard Schwartz Management – Agoura Hills
Rise Management – Los Angeles
RMS Productions – Beverly Hills
ROAR – Beverly Hills
Rob D’Avola & Asssociates – Beverly Hills
The Robb Company – Los Angeles
Robert Barnes Management & Consulting – Los Angeles
Robert Stein Management – Beverly Hills
Roc Cartel – Thousand Oaks
Roc Nation – Beverly Hills
The Rookery – Marina Del Rey
Rooster Films – Los Angeles
Rose Group – Culver City
The Rosenzweig Group – Beverly Hills
Ross Stephens Artists & Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Roth & Associates – Santa Monica
Rothman/Andres Entertainment – Studio City
Rough Diamond – Los Angeles
RPM Talent Agency – Burbank
RSA Talent – Burbank
Rugolo Entertainment – Beverly Hills
RVP Management – Los Angeles
S C Management – Beverly Hills
S5 Talent – Beverly Hills
Sager Management – Beverly Hills
Saint Agency – Los Angeles
Sandy Oroumieh Management – Sherman Oaks
Sapphire Entertainment Management – Burbank
The Savage Agency – West Hollywood
SC Management – Beverly Hills
Scale Management – Los Angeles
Schachter Entertainment – Los Angeles
Schlegel Entertainment – Los Angeles
Schumacher Management – Beverly Hills
Scott Carlson Entertainment – Woodland Hills
Scott Hart Management – Sherman Oaks
SDB Partners – Beverly Hills
Semler Entertainment – Sherman Oaks
Serendipity Entertainment – West Hollywood
Seven Bridges Group – Los Angeles
Seven Stars Talent Agency – Woodland Hills
Seven Summits Pictures & Management – Beverly Hills
Shandrew PR – Los Angeles
Shapiro/West & Associates – Beverly Hills
Shauntiel Lindsey Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
Sheer Talent Management – Rancho Palos Verdes
Sheila Legette Entertainment – Encino
Shelter Entertainment – Los Angeles
Sherri Lynn Talent Management – Costa Mesa
Shushu Entertainment – Los Angeles
Signpost Management – Glendale
Silver J Management – Beverly Hills
Silver Lining Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Silver Mass Entertainment – Valley Village
Silverhardt Entertainment – Los Angeles
Simmons & Scott Entertainment – Los Angeles
Sinclair Entertainment Group – Los Angeles
Singular Talent – Beverly Hills
Siona Entertainment – Los Angeles
SK Management – Los Angeles
Sky Unlimited Arts – Los Angeles
Slash Management – Los Angeles
Smith & Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Smith-Garr Productions – West Hollywood
SMS Talent – Beverly Hills
Snow Entertainment – Los Angeles
So Cal Talent – Huntington Beach
Sovereign Talent Group – Westwood
Special Artists Agency – West Hollywood
Spectrum Talent – Beverly Hills
Spotlight Management – Studio City
Stagecoach Entertainment – Los Angeles
Starburst Talent – Copperopolis
Starlight Talent Management – Beverly Hills
Stars Agency – San Francisco
Station 3 – Los Angeles
Stein Entertainment Group – Burbank
Stellar Artists Management – Toluca Lake
Stephany Hurkos Management – Valley Village
The Sterling/Winters Company – Los Angeles
Stewart Talent – Los Angeles
Stone Village Management – Los Angeles
Strategic Talent Group – Valley Village
Stride Management – West Hollywood
Strike Up the Brand – Beverly Hills
Strong Talent Management – Santa Monica
Studio Talent Group – Santa Monica
Sugar23 – Los Angeles
Susan Nickells Management – Santa Monica
Susan Osser Talent Company – Sherman Oaks
Susanna Griffith Talent – La Canada
Sutton Barth & Vennari – Los Angeles
Sweeney Entertainment – Los Angeles
Sweet Lemons – Beverly Hills
Synergy Management – Studio City
Tact Media – Los Angeles
Talent Hunters Agency – Lake Forest
TalentInk – Toluca Lake
Talents Hunters Agency – Encino
Talentworks – Burbank
TANDM Management – Burbank
Tangerine Talent – North Hollywood
Tash Moseley Management – Beverly Hills
TCA Management – Beverly Hills
Teitelbaum Artists Group – Beverly Hills
TGTalent – West Hollywood
Theo Swerissen Management – Encino
Think Tank Management – Los Angeles
Thirty Three Management – Beverly Hills
Three Six Zero Entertainment – Los Angeles
Thruline Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Tiffin Creative Talent – Los Angeles
Tilmar Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Tinoco Management – West Hollywood
Tisherman Gilbert Motley Drozdoski Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Tlynn Talent Management – Toluca Lake
Top Priority Group – Ontario
Top Ten Talent – Los Angeles
Torque Entertainment – Santa Monica
Touchstone Management – Burbank
TPTFILMS Entertainment – Los Angeles
Trademark Talent – Los Angeles
Traverse Media – Los Angeles
Treadwell Entertainment – Burbank
Treasure Coast Talent Agency – Long Beach
Tri Star Sports & Entertainment – Los Angeles
Tri Star Talent – North Hollywood
Tricia Brink Management – Los Angeles
Triniti Management – Studio City
Trinity Artists International – Los Angeles
Trinity Factory – Los Angeles
Trinity Ventures – Menlo Park
Trupeak Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Trusik Talent Management – West Hollywood
Truvision Entertainment – Encino
Ultimate Talent Group – North Hollywood
UMCMMN – West Hollywood
Unbreakable Entertainment – Los Angeles
Underground Management – Los Angeles
Unified Management – Burbank
United Talent Agency – Beverly Hills
Universal Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Universal Talent Bookings – Valley Village
Untitled Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Unveil Talent Management – Sherman Oaks
Upper Management – Los Angeles
USC School of Dramatic Arts – Los Angeles
ValMaur Talent Agency – Hollywood
Valor Entertainment Group – Los Angeles
Van Johnson Company – Los Angeles
Vanguard Management Group – Los Angeles
Vault Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Vector Management – Beverly Hills
Velmont Talent Agency – Los Angeles
Velocity Entertainment Partners – Los Angeles
Verve Talent & Literary Agency – Los Angeles
Victor Kruglov Talent Management – Los Angeles
Vie Entertainment – Los Angeles
Virtuous Thoughts Media & Entertainment – Carson
Vision Entertainment – Los Angeles
Vision Talent – Culver City
Visionary Artists – Los Angeles
Visionary Entertainment – West Hollywood
Volition Entertainment – Los Angeles
Walker Talent Management – Los Angeles
The Ward Agency – Hollywood
WAW Entertainment – Hollywood
The Wayne Agency – Los Angeles
WCM Management – Los Angeles
Wein Management – Los Angeles
Weiner Dale Management – Beverly Hills
Weiner Management – Los Angeles
Weissenbach Management – Los Angeles
Wenzel Entertainment – Beverly Hills
Whitaker Entertainment – Santa Clarita
Whitelabel.Social – Los Angeles
Whitener Entertainment Group – Beverly Hills
Wild Briar Talent – Los Angeles
William Kerwin Agency – Hollywood
William Morris Entertainment – Beverly Hills
William-Michael International Artist Relations – Studio City
Williams Management Entertainment Studio – Los Angeles
Williams Talent Management – Culver City
Williams Unlimited – Sherman Oaks
Wishlab – Los Angeles
Wonder Street – Culver City
Work Talent – Los Angeles
Working Entertainment – Los Angeles
Worldwide Artists Group – Los Angeles
WOS Group Entertainment – Los Angeles
Wright Entertainment – Sherman Oaks
WWE Films – Los Angeles
YHVH Talent Management – Los Angeles
The Zachary Company – Los Angeles
Zero Gravity Management – Los Angeles
Zimmerman Management – Los Angeles
Zuri Agency – Los Angeles
AEC Studios – Denver
Donna Baldwin Talent – Denver
Bernard Entertainment – Stamford
NSNY! Talent – Bridgeport
Capital Talent Agency – Washington
Octet Productions Management – Washington
22TALENT – Orlando
Action Entertainment – Jupiter
Alexa Model & Talent – Tampa
Alliance Talent Group – Pompano Beach
Applegate Agency – Hollywood
Art Talent Agency – Orlando
Bad Toro – Lutz
Benz Model & Talent – Tampa
Best Agency – Miami
BMG Models & Talent – Orlando
BMG Models & Talent – Miami
Boca Talent & Model Agency – Hollywood
Brevard Talent Group – Orlando
Burton and Robinson Agency – Ft Myers
Central Florida Talent – Orlando
Clark Talent Agency – Orlando
CMG Models & Talent – Daytona Beach
Coconut Grove Talent – Miami
Concord Films – Davie
DAS Model Management – Miami Beach
Diamond Agency – Longwood
Dolphin Talent Management – Coral Gables
Elite Model Management – Miami Beach
Ethnicity Models & Talent – Miami Beach
Famous Faces – Coral Springs
Foley Modeling Agency – Ormond Beach
Future Faces-Miami – Miami
Gray Model and Talent – Naples
The Green Agency – Miami
Image Models & Talent – Miami
Izon Models & Talent – Pensecola
Junior Talent Management – Miami
Karen Greer Models & Talent – Miami
Latin Model Miami – Miami
Legacy Florida – Jacksonville
Level Talent Group – Tampa
Lock Talent – Orlando
Louise’s People Model & Talent – St Petersburg
Manikin Model & Talent Agency – Jacksonville
Maris Talent – Miami Shores
Martin & Donalds Model & Talent Agency – Hollywood
Michele & Group Modeling & Talent – Ormond Beach
Newton Agency – Tampa
NEXT Management – Miami Beach
Novy Talent Group – Ormond Beach
Palomera Group – Miami
Premier Models & Talent – Jacksonville
Professionally Pretty – Winter Park
Protocol Models on the Gulf – Naples
Sam Agency – Miami
Seven Model and Talent – Tampa
Stellar Talent Agency – Hallandale
Talent Pool Agency – Clearwater
World Models (kids) – Hollywood
World Models & Talent – Hollywood


AEC Studios – Denver
Donna Baldwin Talent – Denver


Bernard Entertainment – Stamford
NSNY! Talent – Bridgeport


Capital Talent Agency – Washington
Octet Productions Management – Washington


22TALENT – Orlando
Action Entertainment – Jupiter
Alexa Model & Talent – Tampa
Alliance Talent Group – Pompano Beach
Applegate Agency – Hollywood
Art Talent Agency – Orlando
Bad Toro – Lutz
Benz Model & Talent – Tampa
Best Agency – Miami
BMG Models & Talent – Orlando
BMG Models & Talent – Miami
Boca Talent & Model Agency – Hollywood
Brevard Talent Group – Orlando
Burton and Robinson Agency – Ft Myers
Central Florida Talent – Orlando
Clark Talent Agency – Orlando
CMG Models & Talent – Daytona Beach
Coconut Grove Talent – Miami
Concord Films – Davie
DAS Model Management – Miami Beach
Diamond Agency – Longwood
Dolphin Talent Management – Coral Gables
Elite Model Management – Miami Beach
Ethnicity Models & Talent – Miami Beach
Famous Faces – Coral Springs
Foley Modeling Agency – Ormond Beach
Future Faces-Miami – Miami
Gray Model and Talent – Naples
The Green Agency – Miami
Image Models & Talent – Miami
Izon Models & Talent – Pensecola
Junior Talent Management – Miami
Karen Greer Models & Talent – Miami
Latin Model Miami – Miami
Legacy Florida – Jacksonville
Level Talent Group – Tampa
Lock Talent – Orlando
Louise’s People Model & Talent – St Petersburg
Manikin Model & Talent Agency – Jacksonville
Maris Talent – Miami Shores
Martin & Donalds Model & Talent Agency – Hollywood
Michele & Group Modeling & Talent – Ormond Beach
Newton Agency – Tampa
NEXT Management – Miami Beach
Novy Talent Group – Ormond Beach
Palomera Group – Miami
Premier Models & Talent – Jacksonville
Professionally Pretty – Winter Park
Protocol Models on the Gulf – Naples
Sam Agency – Miami
Seven Model and Talent – Tampa
Stellar Talent Agency – Hallandale
Talent Pool Agency – Clearwater
World Models (kids) – Hollywood
World Models & Talent – Hollywood


3GM – Atlanta
411 South Talent – Atlanta
4K Talent – Athens
850 Management – Atlanta
About Faces Models & Talent – Atlanta
The Actor’s Scene Management – Buford
Actors LA – Douglasville
Agency Rose Talent – Atlanta
AGI Entertainment – Marietta
Alan Artist – Jonesboro
Alexander White Agency – Atlanta
Aligned Stars – Atlanta
The AMR Agency – Fairburn
Apex Talent Group – Atlanta
Art8 Productions – Atlanta
ASAP Talent Agency – Atlanta
Atlanta Models & Talent – Atlanta
Atlanta’s Young Faces – Atlanta
Avery Sisters Entertainment – Conyers
Balinda Michaels Talent Agency – Atlanta
Blaq Orchid Productions – Atlanta
Bloc South – Atlanta
BMG Models & Talent – Atlanta
Bolt Entertainment – Alpharetta
Break a Leg Talent – Lawrenceville
Brilliant Talent Management – Atlanta
Burns Agency – Duluth
C&C Management – Atlanta
Carol Shaginaw Talent – Buford
Catrett – Atlanta
Classic Talent Agency – Alpharetta
CMT Global – Atlanta
Crackerjack Management – Atlanta
Crossbeam – Atlanta
CTA True Talent Atlanta – Atlanta
Davis Management – Dallas
Divine Artists Talent Agency – Lawrenceville
East Coast Talent Agency – Rome
East West Management – Atlanta
Eileen O’Farrell PM – Atlanta
Evolution Modeling & Talent – Lawrenceville
Five Star Talent Management – Suwanee
Forward Talent – Atlanta
Gill Talent – Atlanta
Goldie Belle – Peachtree City
Hannibal Talent Agency – Atlanta
Hayes Talent Agency – Norcross
Hop Models & Talent – Atlanta
Houghton Talent – Atlanta
HS Talent – Atlanta
Impact Talent Group – Atlanta
iSubmit Talent & Modeling Agency – Lithonia
J Howard Management – Lawrenceville
J Pervis Talent – Atlanta
Jackson Agency – Atlanta
The Jana Van Dyke Agency – Acworth
K. Starr Management – Atlanta
Kathleen Schultz – Atlanta
Kim Tumey Entertainment – Atlanta
King Watts – Roswell
Luxe Haus MMG – Alpharetta
Mainline Entertainment – Atlanta
Media Artists Group – Atlanta
MI Talent – Woodstock
MMG Southeast – Atlanta
MP Atlanta – Atlanta
Omnipresent – Atlanta
The OUI Agency – Atlanta
Oyster Management Global – Atlanta
PCMA Productions – Fayetteville
People Store – Atlanta
Play Talent – Atlanta
Presence Models & Talent – Atlanta
Privilege Talent – Atlanta
Pureflare – Atlanta
Ram Fam Mgmt – Lawrenceville
RBJ Talent Management Group – Fayetteville
RCM Talent & Management – Woodstock
Real People Models & Talent – Atlanta
Resolute Artists Agency – Johns Creek
Richard Hutchison Management – Atlanta
RMA Talent Agency – Silver Creek
Slamm Management – Atlanta
Smith Young Talent Agency – Atlanta
The Society Creative Agency – Acworth
Stewart Talent – Atlanta
STW Talent – Atlanta
Sunrise Sunset Talent Agency – Atlanta
Symmetry Entertainment – Atlanta
Talent Network – Roswell
Tassell Talent Group – Atlanta
TDH Talent Unlimited – Lawrenceville
Tell All Inc – Snellville
Tenterfield Artists Alliance – Atlanta
TigerTalent Management – Decatur
Top Talent Management – Atlanta
Trinity Talent Agency – Alpharetta
True Talent – Duluth
Ultimate Model Management – Atlanta
Umberger Agency – Atlanta
Ursula Weidmann Models – Decatur
We Entertain – Atlanta
William Reynolds Agency – Atlanta
Xcel Talent – Atlanta
YJB Talent Atlanta – Atlanta



Actors Talent Group – Chicago
Ambassador Talent Agents – Chicago
Big Mouth Talent – Chicago
BMG Models & Talent – Chicago
Dream Team Talent – Chicago
Encore Talent Agency – Chicago
Foundation Talent Management – Chicago
Gray Talent Group – Chicago
Hayes Talent Agency – Chicago
K Lucinda Talent – Kewanee
Molina Sisters Entertainment – Chicago
Paonessa Talent Agency – Chicago
Promote Talent Agency – Chicago
Shirley Hamilton – Chicago
Spire Artists Management – Chicago
Stewart Talent – Chicago
Talent Group – Chicago
Universal Bridges – Chicago


Helen Wells Agency – Indianapolis
Talent Fusion – Indianapolis


Exposure Model and Talent Agency – Overland Park


Alix Adams Talent – Louisville
Heyman Talent Artists – Louisville
Katalyst – Edgewood
V and C Talent – Bowling Green


Actors Choice Talent – Denham Springs
AVA Talent – New Orleans
Beck Talent – Slidell
Blue Talent Group – Metairie
Boutique Talent Agency – New Orleans
Cindy Hill Agency – Baton Rouge
Clear Talent Group – Metairie
Darcel Moreno Talent – Shreveport
Del Corral Model & Talent – New Orleans
Fame Talent Agency – Metairie
FiftyTwo45 – New Orleans
Fruition Talent – New Orleans
Gravity Artists Agency – New Orleans
Hale Talent – Metairie
Heyman Talent Artists – New Orleans
Impact Modeling & Talent – New Orleans
Krewe Collective – New Orleans
Landrum Arts – Shreveport
Louisiana Talent Agency – New Orleans
Metro Models & Talent – New Orleans
New Orleans Model & Talent – New Orleans
Open Range Management – Baton Rouge
Phoenix Star Talent – New Orleans
Proclaim Talent Agency – New Orleans
Sam Agency – New Orleans
Senrab Talent – Slidell
Stage 2000 – Baton Rouge
Storm Agency – Gretna
Talent Connexion – Terrytown
Victor’s International Model & Talent Mgmt – New Orleans


Andrew Wilson Agency – Boston
Model Club – Boston


Cima Talent Management – Columbia
Linda Townsend Management – Clinton


The I Group Model & Talent Management – Southfield
Jon Tomus Talent – Grosse Pointe Park


Moore Creative Talent – Minneapolis


Moxie Talent – Kansas City
Now Talent Management – St Louis


Action Talent Agency – Flowood
KTA Group – Hattiesburg


Artists Resource Agency – Mocksville
BOLD Talent Agency – Charlotte
The Brock Agency – Hickory
Carolina Talent – Charlotte
Devise Talent Agency – Cary
Directions USA – Greensboro
Discoveries Talent Agency – Raleigh
Evolution Modeling & Talent – Charlotte
Fast Lane Talent – Charlotte
JTA Talent – Charlotte
Kids Unlimited Talent – Raleigh
Kidz Act Talent/The Actors Agency – Winston-Salem
KNOWN Management Group – Charlotte
MAD Talent – Winston-Salem
Marilyn’s Agency – Greensboro
Maultsby Talent – Raleigh
Monarch Talent Agency – Charlotte
Peterman Management Group – Gastonia
Quick Talent – Wilmington
Reel Sisters Talent – Wilmington
Screen Artists Talent – Asheville
Shauna D. & Company – Charlotte
Talent One Talent Agency – Raleigh
Talent Pool Agency – Charlotte
Tommi Jones Talent – Charlotte
TSM Ent3rprise – Raleigh
William Pettit Agency – Charlotte


New England Models Group – Manchester


Artist & Talent Management – Manasquan
Bercy Talent Management – Marlboro
CP Talent Management – Brick
CPM Talent Management – Voorhees Township
DeeHart Talent – Wyckoff
Emancipated Talent Management & Consulting – Jersey City
Glitter Talent Agency – W New York
Himber Entertainment – Englewood
JWS Entertainment – Bridgewater
Light & Salt Model and Talent Agency – E Orange
Mara Entertainment – Neptune Township
Maxx MGMT – Hasbrouck
The MYC Group – W New York
Parkside Talent – Basking Ridge
Shirley Grant Management – Teaneck
Stefanie Talent & Entertainment – Cranford


MGR Talent Agency – Albuquerque
The O’Agency – Albuquerque
Phirgun Mair Worldwide – Rio Rancho
Presley Talent Agency – Albuquerque
Smith International Productions – Albuquerque


Daily Talent Agency – N Las Vegas
Shakeji – Las Vegas


New York  

3 Arts Entertainment – New York
5150 Management Productions – New York
9Muse – New York
A3 Artists Agency – New York
AAG Talent – New York
About Artists Agency – New York
AC Management – New York
ACM Talent – New York
Across the Board – New York
Act One Management – New York
Adunni Rose Talent Agency – New York
Affinity Artists Agency – Brooklyn
Agency for the Performing Arts – New York
Agency Talent Group – New York
AGI Entertainment Media & Management – New York
Alexander Management – Brooklyn
AMS Models and Talent – Cicero
Andreadis Talent Agency – New York
Ann Steele Agency – New York
Ann Wright Representatives – New York
Anonymous Content – New York
Anthony & Associates – New York
ANTI Management – Brooklyn
Aperture Talent – New York
Apollo Talent – New York
AR Entertainment – New York
Arcieri & Associates – New York
Artist International – New York
Artists & Representatives – New York
Artists First – New York
Ascendent Talent Management – New York
aTa Management – New York
Atlas Talent Agency – New York
Authentic Talent & Literary Mgmt – Brooklyn
Avalon Artists Group – New York
Avalon Management – New York
Avanti Talent Management – New York
Avenue B Talent – New York
B Company – New York
BAC Talent – New York
Baker Management – Astoria
Barking Dog Entertainment – New York
Beth Rosner Management – New York
Bill Treusch Management – New York
Bloc – New York
BMG Models & Talent – New York
Boals Winnett & Associates – New York
Bohemia Group – New York
Bond Artist Management – New York
Bret Adams Ltd – New York
Bright Artists Management – New York
Brilliant Talent Management – New York
Brillstein Entertainment Partners – New York
British American Talent – New York
Brookside Artist Management – New York
BRS/Gage Talent Agency – New York
Buchwald – New York
Bullett Management – Brooklyn
Carlton Goddard & Freer Talent – New York
Carry Company The – New York
Carson-Adler Agency – New York
The Carson-Kolker Organization – New York
Cartel Entertainment – New York
Center Stage Management – New York
Central Entertainment Group – New York
CHI Talent Management – New York
Circle of Confusion – New York
Citizen Talent Management – New York
Cobalt Sky Entertainment – New York
The Cooper Company – New York
CornerStone Talent Agency – New York
Creative Artists Agency – New York
Creative Talent Company – New York
Crystal Ship Artists Talent & Literary – New York
CTM Artists – New York
Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty – New York
Cyd LeVin & Associates – Great Neck
D-Mand Talent Management – Pearl River
Daniel Hoff Agency – New York
Das Communications – New York
DDO Artists Agency – New York
Door 24 Entertainment – New York
Douglas Gorman Rothacker & Wilhelm – New York
Dream Maker Talent Management – Glen Head
DSW Entertainment – New York
EKG Talent Group – New York
Ellipsis Entertainment Group – New York
Emagine Content – New York
Emerging Talent – New York
Encompass Arts – New York
Entertainment Lab – New York
Erin Flack Management – New York
Eris Talent Agency – New York
Fidelity Management – New York
Finer Entertainment Company – New York
Finley Management – New York
Flutie Entertainment – New York
Forte Artist Management – New York
Framework Entertainment – New York
Fresh Faces Agency – Baldwin
Fullscreen Media – New York
Fusion Entertainment – New York
Gasparro Management – Brooklyn
Gersh Agency – New York
Gotham Talent Agency – New York
Green Key Management – New York
The Green Room – New York
GSA Entertainment – New York
Hanns Wolters International – New York
Harden Curtis Kirsten Riley Agency – New York
Harvest Talent Management – New York
Headline Talent Agency – Long Island City
Hell’s Kitchen Agency – New York
The Hybrid Agency – New York
ICM Partners – New York
IMG Models – New York
Industry Entertainment – New York
Ingrid French Management – New York
Innovative Artists – New York
Inspire Entertainment – New York
Invictus Entertainment – New York
Jago Ciro Entertainment Group – New York
Jeff Berger Management – New York
Jenevieve Brewer Talent Management – New York
John DeHority Management – New York
Jordan Gill & Dornbaum – New York
The Josh Brown Group – New York
Josselyne Herman & Associates – New York
Kanner Weissman Entertainment – New York
The Katz Company – New York
Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin – New York
Ken Park Talent – New York
KEY Talent Management – New York
King N Queen Management – New York
Kipperman Management – New York
Krasny Office – New York
Kreindler/Super Management – New York
Lagunatic Music and Film Works – New York
Lampiasi Talent Management – New York
Lasher Group – New York
Lava Entertainment – New York
Leading Artists – New York
Liebman Entertainment – New York
Linden Entertainment – New York
Lisa Lax Agency – New York
The Luedtke Agency – Long Island City
Malissa Young Management – New York
Managed Performers Group – New York
Maude Kaplan Management – New York
McDonald Selznick Associates – New York
McKegney Management – Brooklyn
Merging Artists Management – New York
Metropolis Artists Agency – New York
The Mine – New York
MJ Management – New York
ML Management – New York
MMG New York – New York
Multi-Ethnic Talent – New York
Nani/Saperstein Management – New York
New Wave Entertainment – New York
NEXT Management – New York
Nicolosi & Company – New York
Nouveaux Talent Management – New York
Omnipop Talent Group – Bayville
One Entertainment – New York
The Pantera/Murphy Agency – New York
Paradigm – New York
Perennial Entertainment – New York
Persona Management – New York
PH Entertainment Group – Long Island City
Posche Models – New York
Prestige Management Group – New York
Prevail Artist Management – New York
The Price Group – New York
Primary Wave Entertainment – New York
Professional Artists Agency – New York
Red Letter Entertainment – New York
Robyn Bluestone Management – New York
Roc Nation – New York
Roger Paul Talent – New York
Rosier Artists Management – New York
The Roster Agency – New York
Roth & Associates – New York
RPM Talent Agency – New York
SB Projects – New York
Scale Management – New York
Seven Stars Talent Agency – New York
Smith Talent Group – New York
Snyder Management – New Hartford
Soffer/Namoff Entertainment – New York
Spectrum Talent – New York
The Square Peg Group – New York
Station 3 – New York
Steinberg Talent Management Group – New York
Step Forward Entertainment – New York
Stewart Talent – New York
Sullivan Talent Group – New York
Suskin Management – New York
SW Artists – New York
Sweet180 – New York
Take 3 Talent Agency – New York
Talent Connect – Brooklyn
Talent Express – New York
Talent House – New York
TalentInk – New York
TalentWorks – New York
Thompson Talent Management – New York
TMT Entertainment Group – New York
Trillion Management – New York
TsuTsu Unlimited – New York
UGA Talent – New York
UIA Talent – New York
United Talent Agency – New York
Universal Attractions – New York
Untitled Entertainment – New York
Vamnation Entertainment – New York
Vanguard Management Group – New York
VGP Artist Mangement – New York
Viking Entertainment – New York
Washington Square Films – New York
Wetzel Entertainment Group – New York
William Morris Entertainment – New York
Wolf Talent Group – New York
Wright Talent Management – Babylon
Zero Gravity Management – New York
Zuri Agency – New York



Heyman Talent Artists – Cincinnati
PCG Talent – Cincinnati


Heartland Talent – Tulsa
Magna Talent Agency – Oklahoma City
Switzer Talent – Norman
Tabb Agency – Yukon


Actors Models & Artists Talent Agency – Jenkintown
Agency Connects – Langhorne
Docherty Talent & Model Agency – Pittsburgh
Plaza 7 Talent Agency – King Of Prussia
Reinhard Agency – Philadelphia


A. Jackson Agency – Florence
Artists Talent Agency – Charleston
Coastal Talent – Isle of Palms
Culture Group – Charleston
Harvest Talent – Columbia
Island Talent Mangement – Duncan
Millie Lewis Model & Talent – N Charleston
Sol Talent – Charleston
Stisa – Spartanburg
T3 Talent – Spartanburg


Activists Artists Management – Nashville
Acture Talent – Mount Juliet
Advantage Talent Agency – Nashville
Amax Model & Talent – Nashville
Avenue Model & Talent – Nashville
Back 40 Entertainment – Nashville
The Block Agency – Nashville
BNA Talent Group – Nashville
Collaborative Management – Brentwood
CTK Management – Nashville
Dan Talent Group – Franklin
Donna Groff Model & Talent – Memphis
DS Entertainment – Brentwood
Graham Entertainment – Nashville
Hurd Agency – Antioch
J.L. David Talent – Nashville
Kinkead Entertainment Agency – Nashville
Lisa Lax Agency – Memphis
McCray Agency – Nashville
Paradigm – Nashville
Reflection Model & Talent – Nashville
ROAR – Nashville
Talent Trek Agency – Nashville
Whizbang – Nashville


A Plus Actors – Houston
Acclaim Talent – Austin
Actors Clearinghouse – Austin
The Atherton Group – Austin
Avant Agency – San Antonio
Beaz Talent – Houston
Blanco Agency – Corpus Christi
Bold Agency – Frisco
Boutique Talent Agency – Spring
Boysen Agency – Austin
Brown Agency – Austin
Campbell Agency – Dallas
Clutts Agency – Dallas
Collier Talent Agency – Austin
Condra/Artista – San Antonio
Core Talent – Frisco
Dragonfly Agency – Dallas
Duvall Mac Talent – Dallas
Dynamic Models & Talent – San Antonio
Grit Talent Agency – Dallas
Hollywood & Broadway – Missouri City
The Horne Agency – Dallas
Icon Studios Dallas – McKinney
The Kim Dawson Agency – Dallas
Legacy Talent – Austin
Linda McAlister Talent – Waxahachie
The Linicomn Agency – Plano
Looknow Productions – Austin
The Mary Collins Agency – Dallas
MMG South – Frisco
Neal Hamil Agency – Houston
Organized Management – Ft Worth
Page Parkes Agency – Houston
Pastorini Bosby Talent Agency – Houston
Rising Stars – China Spring
Rome Talent – San Antonio
Sheppard Agency – Austin
Spark Talent – Conroe
The Atherton Group Talent – Austin
The Tory Christopher Group – Universal City
Zephyr Talent – Cedar Park


Tapestry Entertainment – Provo


Harris Talent Agency – Williamsburg
Hutson Talent Agency – Portsmouth,
Stepping Stone – Charlottesville
Studio Center – Virginia Beach


John Bauer Management – Issaquah


BMG Models & Talent – Milwaukee
Lori Lins Talent Management – Milwaukee


Active Artists Management – Melbourne
BMEG – Brisbane
CMC Talent Management – Prahran
Ignite Elite Artists – Sydney
Kubler Auckland Management – Milton
Management 11 – Sydney
Meissner Management – Wentworth
Morrissey Management – Sydney
RGM Artists – Sydney
Shanahan Management – Sydney
Smith and Jones Management – Sydney
Sophie Jermyn Management – Sydney
Sue Barnett and Associates – Sydney
X Division The – Waterloo


Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency – Toronto, ONT
Ambition Talent – Toronto, ONT
AMI Artist Management – Toronto, ONT
AMTI Management – Toronto, ONT
Bookit Talent – Toronto, ONT
BR Talent – Montreal, QUE
Carrier Talent Management – Vancouver, BC
Characters The – Vancouver, BC
Characters The – Toronto, ONT
Collingwood Management – Vancouver, BC
Connekt Creative Agency – Vancouver, BC
Creative Drive Artists – Toronto, ONT
Cue Agency – Vancouver, BC
Echelon Talent Mangement – Burnaby, BC
Elizabeth Hodgson Management Group – Vancouver, BC
Fountainhead Talent – Toronto, ONT
GGA Gary Goddard Agency – Toronto, ONT
Lauren Levitt & Associates – Vancouver, BC
Leo Management – N Vancouver, BC
Lucas Talent – Vancouver, BC
Meridian Artists – Toronto, ONT
Monkeys & Parrots – Toronto, ONT
Noble Caplan Abrams Agency The – Toronto, ONT
Nuance Talent Management – Vancouver, BC
Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates – Toronto, ONT
Pacific Artists Management – Vancouver, BC
Parent Management – Toronto, ONT
Performers Management – Vancouver, BC
Play Management – Vancouver, BC
Play Management – Toronto, ONT
PMG Management – West Vancouver, BC
Premier Artists Management – Toronto, ONT
Premiere Talent Management – Vancouver, BC
Red Management – N Vancouver, BC
Trisko Talent Management – Vancouver, BC


Art Management – Copenhagen
Lindberg Management – Copenhagen


Accelerate Management – London
Artist Rights Group – London
Artists Partnership The – London
B-Side Management – London
Bondstars – N. Yorkshire
Conway van Gelder Grant – London
Creative Artists Management – London
Curtis Brown Group – London
Dalzell and Beresford – London
Diamond Management – London
Gavin Barker Associates – London
Gordon and French – London
Hamilton Hodell – London
Hatch – London
Identity Agency Group – London
Independent Talent Group – London
Instant Entertainment – London
International Actors London – London
International Artists Management – London
KIN Partners – London
Kismet Gold – London
Lion Rock Management – Canterbury
Markham Froggatt and Irwin – London
MHA Management – London
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Static Management – London
Stevenson Withers Associates – London
Tavistock Wood Management – London
Troika – London
United Agents – London
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AS Talents – Paris
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Empire Agency – Berlin
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Lisa Richards Agency – Dublin
The Agency – Dublin


Cristiano Cucchini Management – Rome
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Favor Talents – Amsterdam


Auckland Actors – Auckland
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"Casting is often the first creative endeavor after writing and development, and it takes more than just an eye for talent. What sets Jessica apart is her creativity. She understands that a director needs a certain level of performance and she won't settle until her director has it. Jessica makes my job easy!"
Dan Bush
"It is only ever possible with the right talent. Every decision you make for your project afterward is cemented to those choices. Jessica has such a wide perspective and supportive attitude that you know your project is going to get the right start with her."
Michel Monty
“I couldn’t have had a better experience working with Fox Casting. Jessica understands the needs of a script inside and out, casting a wide and thoughtful net in order to pair each project with the unique talent it deserves. In casting sessions with Jessica, you feel that you’re with someone as invested in serving the story as you are. Her efficiency and utilization of various organizational technologies keep the director in the loop during the grueling casting process without becoming overwhelmed.”
Sidarth Kantamneni
Director / DP
"What sets Jessica apart from so many is that she invests the time and energy into really knowing the actor. She is quick to give thoughtful feedback and often has creative, nuanced ideas about the individual talent we represent. Those things can't be faked."
Jacob Lawson
Owner / Privilege Talent
"Jessica was the best and brightest person I ever had working for me. And she’s the smartest person I know, with an unparalleled attention to detail and eye for talent. There is no finer Casting Director in the Southeast!"
Mick Dowd
Casting Director / Dowd-Roman Casting
“Jessica knows casting! She gave me awesome choices and was easy and fun to work with. Jessica will make it happen.”
Writer / Director / Blue Lantern Films
“As a director, the importance of good casting cannot be overstated. Jessica Fox and her team work tirelessly to ensure the entire casting process is what it should be: fun, rewarding & successful. Bottom line, Jessica has your back and doesn’t stop until the director and the entire team is happy. She also has impeccable taste, great instincts, and a true love of the craft. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
Joseph Greco
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Fox-Thigpen on a number of occasions. Not only does she have impeccable taste and variety, but she helped me cast everything from music videos to corporate testimonials and brought an élan and sophistication to each situation. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Adam Renshaw
Producer / Spitfire Studios
"Twenty years directing and I never knew how easy casting could be, until working with Jessica. She is so organized and on-point that I spend my time looking only at the very best prospects for each role. The quality of my work continues to improve as Jessica and her team bring excellent actors into each new project."
Georgia Tanner
"As a director, you want the best team possible for every department. Whether it's a brilliant art director or a master gaffer, you want every team leader to be talented, intelligent, like-minded, fun and most important, a great advisor. Jessica Fox of Fox Casting is all of these things and more. I've been in the business for over 15 years, and casting with Jessica not only provided me with some of the best actors that I've ever worked with, but taught me so much about what to look for in casting. She's persistent (to get the job done, and what director doesn't need that?), and always looking out for the director's vision, and the project's best interest."
David Edmond Moore
Director / Eyekiss Films
"It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Jessica Fox since she arrived in Atlanta. She is discriminating in her choices, thorough in her notes on performers, and generous with invaluable feedback. I’ve personally benefited from Jessica’s unique processes. She is such a delight, and quickly made a name for herself among agents and performers."
Mystie Buice
Agency Director / Houghton Talent
“Communication is key in our business and Jessica is the key master! Her ability to articulate to agents the kinds of characters we are searching for really gives my clients the casting options they want.”
Adam Jordan
"Jessica Fox-Thigpen couldn't be more pro-actor. She does whatever it takes to bring out the best in talent…And she actively stays on top of current market demands. Jessica is helping the Southeast to up its game. What a blessing she is to the industry!"
Crystal Carson
Acting Coach / Auditioning By Heart
"As a director, the most challenging and important decisions I make come in the casting of the show. Jessica Fox has been an incredible ally; bringing an invaluable knowledge of the process, a dynamic eye for talent, and a joy for exploring the nuances of performance. I'm looking forward to our next project."
David Bruckner
Writer & Director
"Working with Jessica at Fox Casting lifted the quality of our shows to a whole new level. The actors she brought to the table were top notch, professional, and committed to their craft."
Anne Garofalo Paterno
Executive Producer / Your Worst Nightmare
“Jessica is a creative collaborator in the truest sense of the word. She has a preternatural ability to interpret the most rudimentary of plans and turn them into casting blueprints that elevate any production. Incredibly responsive and incredibly receptive to even the most difficult of requests, Jessica is the first and only person I call for all my casting needs”
Joash Brunet
"Jessica Fox is super diligent, creative and always inspired to author the casting of the projects she takes on. She’s a true collaborator and one of my favorite folks to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of her."
Rob Schmidt