Actor Info

Some smaller roles may be booked directly from Eco Cast auditions and will not be scheduled for a callback. For larger roles, anywhere from 3 to 5 actors for each will be selected to come to the studio for live callbacks. The dates for callbacks are listed on original breakdowns and are listed again within the callback notifications.

If you aren’t able to attend a callback in person, we may allow a select few to audition the following day via Skype. A caveat is that if we book the role during the live callbacks, (which can happen) we will then cancel your Skype audition.

Sides are attached to Eco Cast invitations as .pdf files labeled for each role. Lines for each role are highlighted in yellow. For roles based upon real people, picture(s) will be attached for your reference.

  1. Neither actor NOR reader should read anything other than the highlighted lines in the dialogue. NO scene descriptions. NO narrations. NO interview bites.
  2. Taping services are fine. However, your performance is far more important than having a high-quality production piece. You do not need to go to a studio to do the reading IF time or expense is an issue, especially for those of you up for more than one role AND especially those who only have a line or two.
  3. FOR TAPING SERVICES: Allow the actor to move. Allow the actor to perform. We do not want to see someone just reciting lines and trying to emote while stiff and still. Allow the actor to use their space.
  4. You may use a personal camera or your mobile device if shot horizontally.
  5. If using your own device, do not hold the device yourself. Use a tripod or have someone else hold it.
  6. Video needs to be clear enough to see the colors of your eyes.
  7. For SD recordings use resolution 640×480. For HD recordings use 1280×720 or 1920×1080.
  8. If you have a reader, they must read AWAY from the camera microphone. We don’t mind hearing the reader but don’t want them as loud as the actor. We’ve had some readers remain near the camera and whisper; this is just as distracting. Since the device should be stabilized, the reader does not need to be right next to it.
  9. For the smaller roles with minimal dialogue, please feel free to play with it and improvise more lines, whatever may give us a sense of the character best.
  10. Different takes for different interpretations are welcome as well.
  11. If you are reading for more than one role, please slate with the name of the role before each new character. You do NOT need to slate before each take.
  12. If you have multiple scene numbers that take place in one location, please read all scene numbers as one take. We will mark those scenes by [ ] brackets. Those scenes should be taped as one take. One uploaded file for all scenes is preferred.
  13. Character descriptions as well as the scene numbers we’ve requested are within the Eco Cast invitations. This is not a multiple choice. If you want to audition, please perform all the scenes listed. Some LEAD roles require many scenes so that we can get a sense of your range. If you can handle preparing for the audition, it gives us a good idea if you can handle a lead role on set, if cast.
  14. If you must hold the script while you tape your audition, do your best to keep your eyes off the page except to pick up a necessary line on occasion. Remembering each word exactly as written is less important finding your character. Use the script as a prop if you need to do so.