"Jessica Fox is super diligent, creative and always inspired to author the casting of the projects she takes on. She’s a true collaborator and one of my favorite folks to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of her."
Rob Schmidt
“Communication is key in our business and Jessica is the key master! Her ability to articulate to agents the kinds of characters we are searching for really gives my clients the casting options they want.”
Adam Jordan
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Fox-Thigpen on a number of occasions. Not only does she have impeccable taste and variety, but she helped me cast everything from music videos to corporate testimonials and brought an élan and sophistication to each situation. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Adam Renshaw
Producer / Spitfire Studios
"Twenty years directing and I never knew how easy casting could be, until working with Jessica. She is so organized and on-point that I spend my time looking only at the very best prospects for each role. The quality of my work continues to improve as Jessica and her team bring excellent actors into each new project."
Georgia Tanner
“Jessica knows casting! She gave me awesome choices and was easy and fun to work with. Jessica will make it happen.”
Writer / Director / Blue Lantern Films
"It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Jessica Fox since she arrived in Atlanta. She is discriminating in her choices, thorough in her notes on performers, and generous with invaluable feedback. I’ve personally benefited from Jessica’s unique processes. She is such a delight, and quickly made a name for herself among agents and performers."
Mystie Buice
Agency Director / Houghton Talent
"As a director, you want the best team possible for every department. Whether it's a brilliant art director or a master gaffer, you want every team leader to be talented, intelligent, like-minded, fun and most important, a great advisor. Jessica Fox of Fox Casting is all of these things and more. I've been in the business for over 15 years, and casting with Jessica not only provided me with some of the best actors that I've ever worked with, but taught me so much about what to look for in casting. She's persistent (to get the job done, and what director doesn't need that?), and always looking out for the director's vision, and the project's best interest."
David Edmond Moore
Director / Eyekiss Films
"What sets Jessica apart from so many is that she invests the time and energy into really knowing the actor. She is quick to give thoughtful feedback and often has creative, nuanced ideas about the individual talent we represent. Those things can't be faked."
Jacob Lawson
Owner / Privilege Talent
“Jessica is a creative collaborator in the truest sense of the word. She has a preternatural ability to interpret the most rudimentary of plans and turn them into casting blueprints that elevate any production. Incredibly responsive and incredibly receptive to even the most difficult of requests, Jessica is the first and only person I call for all my casting needs”
Joash Brunet
"Jessica was the best and brightest person I ever had working for me. And she’s the smartest person I know, with an unparalleled attention to detail and eye for talent. There is no finer Casting Director in the Southeast!"
Mick Dowd
Casting Director / Dowd-Roman Casting
“As a director, the importance of good casting cannot be overstated. Jessica Fox and her team work tirelessly to ensure the entire casting process is what it should be: fun, rewarding & successful. Bottom line, Jessica has your back and doesn’t stop until the director and the entire team is happy. She also has impeccable taste, great instincts, and a true love of the craft. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
Joseph Greco
"As a director, the most challenging and important decisions I make come in the casting of the show. Jessica Fox has been an incredible ally; bringing an invaluable knowledge of the process, a dynamic eye for talent, and a joy for exploring the nuances of performance. I'm looking forward to our next project."
David Bruckner
Writer & Director
"It is only ever possible with the right talent. Every decision you make for your project afterward is cemented to those choices. Jessica has such a wide perspective and supportive attitude that you know your project is going to get the right start with her."
Michel Monty
"Jessica Fox-Thigpen couldn't be more pro-actor. She does whatever it takes to bring out the best in talent…And she actively stays on top of current market demands. Jessica is helping the Southeast to up its game. What a blessing she is to the industry!"
Crystal Carson
Acting Coach / Auditioning By Heart
“I couldn’t have had a better experience working with Fox Casting. Jessica understands the needs of a script inside and out, casting a wide and thoughtful net in order to pair each project with the unique talent it deserves. In casting sessions with Jessica, you feel that you’re with someone as invested in serving the story as you are. Her efficiency and utilization of various organizational technologies keep the director in the loop during the grueling casting process without becoming overwhelmed.”
Sidarth Kantamneni
Director / DP
"Casting is often the first creative endeavor after writing and development, and it takes more than just an eye for talent. What sets Jessica apart is her creativity. She understands that a director needs a certain level of performance and she won't settle until her director has it. Jessica makes my job easy!"
Dan Bush
"Working with Jessica at Fox Casting lifted the quality of our shows to a whole new level. The actors she brought to the table were top notch, professional, and committed to their craft."
Anne Garofalo Paterno
Executive Producer / Your Worst Nightmare